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Sketchflow: A Simple Workflow For Alfred

If you use Sketch to design things, you may have stumbled upon a daunting process of getting to open your recently modified designs as quickly as possible. For those of you who use Alfred, I created a simple workflow which will help you get to your designs faster.

Download Sketchflow from GitHub

How To Install Sketchflow

  1. Make sure you have Alfred installed with its Powerpack;
  2. Download Sketchflow for Alfred;
  3. Unzip the release;
  4. Double click the unzipped workflow file to add it to Alfred.

Alternatively, you can open up Alfred's preferences and switch to Workflows tab, then drag & drop the downloaded workflow file to the sidebar of Alfred's Workflow View.

Alfred Workflow Import

How To Use Sketchflow

  1. Bring up Alfred (using assigned hotkeys; I use ⌘+Spacebar);
  2. Type in "sketch", tap spacebar to display a list of recently opened files;
  3. Start typing your query to see a list of matching files;
  4. Pick a file and hit (return) to open it, or hold while doing so, to reveal the selected file in Finder;
  5. Et voilà!

Sketchflow In-Use

For the list of changes, improvements, and to file or track issues, go to Sketchflow's GitHub page. Feel free to suggest improvements or new functionality.

I hope you'll enjoy using Sketchflow!

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