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Starting Over

Launching a new website isn’t something you can do quickly. To maintain a certain level of stability and functionality you have to keep working on it, until it’s done, tested and approved. Or you can release it in stages. That’s why I decided to start over with a blank canvas, and slowly build each section of this website, one by one. With live updates.

That’s, right. I have made two specific channels for updates to my site. That experimental bit, where everything may collapse in an instant, but has more frequent updates, bites and makes growling sounds (not really) is hidden under the beta channel.

More tested and stable updates are available under the release channel. If you feel like giving feedback is your thing, you’ve seen any bugs (whether on a beta or release version), let me know.

PS. This site you’re browsing now is build using AnchorCMS as a framework.

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Professional digital designer, specialising in UI/UX for web & apps. Opinionated gamer (@_skepticalgamer), avid petrolhead, and a proud full-time dad.