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Boosting online revenue through customer satisfaction.

In 2010, I was approached by Printdesigns to help them streamline their sales process and improve online presence in a very saturated market. The company's previous user experience was based on static product pages and Google Checkout widget, yet their customer service and superb stock quality were gaining on popularity. It was time to give the company a much needed boost.

Removing obstacles

First thing to do was to find the best possible way to minimise user friction when interacting with an online store platform. Visitors should be able to learn about the products offered, their benefits, buy them easily and stay updated about their order status at all times.

One of many customer journey concepts.

I've twisted a bit a standard product page view, taken away all the information that is not essential to the purchase (such as ordering information in all product descriptions) and replaced it with an easily scannable shortlist of features, which makes this part of the journey quick and easy.

Apart from the product page, I have improved the checkout process, by stripping it out off unnecessary form elements, removing obsolete payment methods and adding useful information to the order confirmation page, such as estimated delivery date and essential phone number, if a customer needs to get in touch. All of this assures people, that Printdesigns can be trusted with their money, especially since they mostly deal with other businesses.

Launching new platform

After a few design iterations and a several weeks of web development, which involved importing old data into a new platform, we have finally launched the concept you can see below. The user interface design is very effective in presenting customers with some solid recommendations, giving them meaningful information about the products they might be interested in and guiding them through the checkout process to complete it without a problem.


Within the first 3 months since launch in June 2011, we've noticed a very significant increase in both turnover (by around 150 per cent) and conversion rates (from 1.2 to 3.0 per cent) compared to the previous design, with a steady traffic of 20,000 visitors a month.