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Power of the VPN to the people.

Many modern tools are difficult to use for non-savvy people, if not obscure, thanks to their design, which often requires substantial technical knowledge to be understood. User interfaces are supposed to make even the most sophisticated tools usable in a hands of an unwary user. When I was approached in 2012 by tigerVPN, a small European startup, to design their website and UI for a top-notch online VPN service, I was thrilled.

Simplifying the 'not so obvious'

Due to the complexities of setting up a VPN connection, we needed to find a way to simplify this process for the user. Most of VPN services use their own native applications to accomplish this, but they mostly work on a limited number of platforms. Guys at tigerVPN want to be different, by staying OS-agnostic. This means that any device that can use one of supported VPN protocols can also use tigerVPN service, without installing additional stuff.

To keep users on top of things we have created a simple dashboard, which guides them though the setup process, depending on a type of device they use, helps them manage the account and gives them access to some basic statistics, such as their bandwidth usage, or server status.

Educating the masses

VPN service providers often market to the people who already are aware what VPN is and how to use it. That's where the strength of tigerVPN lays. Working hard together with the tigerVPN team, we've created a website that provides all the necessary information about what VPN is, the Internet privacy and ways to protect it, as well as how VPN works to benefit the average user. All this information is easily accessible.

This is something many forget to include, thus ignoring a vast amount of users who are keen on protecting their online privacy.

After a few revisions we've finally found a concept that was suitable for tigerVPN's budget and in line with their chosen colour scheme. This version is not only informational but also effective at converting users to customers, due to its simple and authentic message from the team, that wants to make a difference.