Who Are You, Mr Designer?

Many people don't seem to understand who professional designers are, or what they really do. I decided to explain who a professional designer really is.

Some articles talk about how to deal with your designer, like we're some sort of a problem. But more often than not, they read like manuals for a complete communication disaster between people who should be working together towards a common goal. Allow me to explain why.

Designers do not fight battles.

We reason on things that may not have been covered well by existing research, belong to the "experimental" category, or are simply unknown and need verification.

Designers are not artists.

We rely on experience, research, science, and breaking things down, to come up with great solutions to your business problems. That's right: we solve problems.

Designers don't paint pretty pictures.

Or draw rainbows. But we work to a very specific set of objectives, which we use as benchmarks for validating our designs. Colour theory is our daily bread. So is using data and testing to help us do our work right.

Designers use empathy in their designs.

We try to understand the audience we design for, and provide them with the most pleasurable experience, which also fulfils your business objectives.

Designers conform to standards.

We follow industry best practices, and put emphasis on usability. A user experience is a far more complex beasts than some wireframes, marketing copy, and a well-placed call to action.

This is who we are: professional problem solvers.

In essence: we're Winston Wolfs of the Web.

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