Hello—I'm Matthew, a commercially-focused product designer based in Manchester, UK.

I help software businesses reduce the risk of product failure, by making sure they solve the right problems for their audience.

Over the last 10 years, I have worked with many incredible startups and product teams, agencies, as well as large organisations. Most recently, I helped design and launch a donation platform together with UNWFP and MasterCard, and helped the team at UNWFP ship an award-winning Intranet platform for their global community of 15,000 staff and humanitarian workers.

My primary objective is to assist in building and growing sustainable digital businesses, adding my knowledge and commercial expertise to their existing stack.

Since I like to get my hands dirty I learned to wear many hats, I'm no stranger to discovery workshops, prototyping, user interface design, or frontend development.

Where I thrive:

  • Solving complex business problems by focusing on the audience and their needs;
  • Prototyping, testing, measuring, improving, and launching software products;
  • Designing interfaces as part of entire design systems;
  • Helping in-house teams analyse, measure and improve internal processes and workflows;

What I’m familiar with (but not exactly an expert on):

  • User research;
  • Design systems;
  • Full-stack development;

What I want to be doing in the future:

  • Designing software products and services;
  • Building, managing and leading design teams;
  • Data-informed, goal-oriented and measurable product design projects;

Roles I’m interested in:

  • Senior-level product designer or design lead;
  • Multidisciplinary roles focusing on: design, product, frontend, marketing, content creation;


I’m available for medium- (a couple of weeks) and long-term (3+ months) 100% remote engagements from September, 2018.

I frequently meet with clients in-person around North West area of the UK, and depending on the type of engagement, perform in-person discovery workshops.

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  • see possible outcomes and how to reach them
  • get pricing guidance for your design project.

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