I'm Matthew, a self-taught digital product designer and frontend developer based in Manchester.

I help entrepreneurs and companies greatly reduce the risk of product failure by making sure they solve the right problems, then help them solve those problems. To do this, I use a blend of product discovery, prototyping, UI/UX design and frontend development.

My primary objective is to assist my clients in building and growing a sustainable digital business, adding my knowledge and expertise to their existing stack.

But why?

According to the research by Startup Genome about 92% of new startups fail within the first 3 years, and the number one reason of their failure cited by CB Insights is the lack of product-market fit.

Many of my clients are in the exact same situation. They often have brilliant ideas, solid funding, and a team that can pull it off. But instead of figuring out the why, who, and what of their product, they jump straight to shipping and potentially sink money into features that their users may not even care about.

“Fuck it. Let’s just ship it.” is basically a gamble that can make or break a business.

By using a comprehensive product discovery process, I can make sure you and your team can make informed, confident decisions about prioritising the right product features, reducing the go-to-market risk.


I’m available for medium- (a couple of weeks) and long-term (3+ months) 100% remote engagements in either freelance or consulting capacity from 30/07/2018.

I frequently meet with clients in-person around North West area of the UK, and depending on the type of engagement perform face-to-face discovery workshops.

Sounds interesting?

I offer a free 30-minute consultation to asses your vision and goals, after which you will:

  • better understand your product challenges;
  • see possible outcomes and how to reach them;
  • get pricing guidance for your design project.

Let’s get started

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